Hi, my name is Bruce, and I’m a bit of a BMW motorcycle tragic. The older they are, the more I like them.
My Custom R100Ready for RideGetting dirty in the desert

I currently ride an R1200GS and I love it to bits. It just does everything I ever ask of it, never complains or plays up, just fires up whenever asked – eager for the next adventure.

Early this year some mates and I took off for a bit of a ride into outback South Australia. We rode highways, back roads, dirt roads, goat tracks and no tracks (in places). We camped under the stars, stayed in outback pubs, drank beer with the locals and shared our evening campfires with travelers from all over the world. We ate in fantastic restaurants and cooked over an open fire. Some nights we had fancy rooms and other nights it was a swag. Everyday was just brilliant. Even when it rained.

During that trip it dawned on me that I really wanted other people to experience the simple joy of adventure and travel that I was feeling at that time.

Tasmania has the best motorcycling roads in the world. It also has some of the most pristine natural wilderness to be found anywhere, as well as world class tourism amenities. I decided that I was going to provide a motorcycling adventure that visited the most beautiful parts of Tasmania via the best bike roads available. And so the vision of Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours was born.

Now in today’s complicated world it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by details, facts and figures. Keep it simple! That’s the motto here. Our tour participants want a stress-free holiday and so that is what our guided tours will deliver. Leave the planning to us. We’ll sort out the bike, the accommodation, the routes, the meal stops, the fuel stops, the…. You know what? Don’t worry. Just get your riding gear together and be prepared for an awesome holiday.

Whether you go it alone on one of our bikes on a self-guided tour or choose to join a group on a guided tour I can promise you that you will not regret it.

I hope to meet you soon.


Bruce Tasmanian Motor Cycles
My Custom R100Ready for RideGetting dirty in the desert

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