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BMW The Ultimate Riding Machine


The BMW F800GS is fast developing a following amongst adventure riders across the globe that almost rivals that of its big brother. Physically smaller and lighter than the R1200GS it is considered the sportiest GS in the family. It is incredibly versatile and very comfortable for both rider and pillion on any road surface. Don’t let the smaller engine capacity fool you, the F800GS loses nothing on real world roads to its bigger sibling.

Now just to confuse people, BMW produced a slightly more road oriented version of the F800GS and called it the F700GS! It has a slightly smaller front wheel, a lower seat height and an engine (still 800cc) tuned to produce maximum torque lower in the rev range. These bikes handle and perform so sweetly that they make any touring adventure an absolute breeze. Whether solo or with a pillion, it doesn’t matter. The F700GS really is the perfect all-rounder.

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