G’day guys, Ben here with a wintery adventure!

Tomorrow marks something different for me heading out on a ride where I don’t know where I am going. We have had an amazing summer of touring but its time to get in amongst the pack. A good friend Brandon has been kind enough to put together a day ride with mates. I know a little bit of the plan but it has been unique where I am used to knowing every incremental detail of the usual Tasmanian luxury Adventure Tours we put on. We are heading to the central north after meeting the rest of the group in Launceston.

The whole motorbike hire fleet will be out amongst mates on this one and you can get the theme of this blog post which is mates.. more on that later.

Starting with Lilydale and some forestry trails that I did explore for a tour once but deemed these to be a little full on for touring. This will be testing and there is a financial arrangement in place of $2 for every time you stall and a massive $5 if you drop or need a push. This ride may financially break some of us.

Then through to Nunemara for a coffee before climbing to the top of Mount Barrow around 1200m above sea level. A lot of the photos you see on our socials are of the mountain next door being Ben Lomand and Jacobs Ladder so I am looking forward to climbing Mount Barrow as this can be equally as rewarding but even more deserted.  Further South past Ben lomand will see more gravel, trail and bitumen before finishing up at the pub to see who owes what at the end of the day!

Some of the guys coming on this one have helped me put together the biggest motorbike tours Tasmania has ever seen and some of these guys I have known for more years than I haven’t known them. Heaps of banter and laughs to be had.  I hope you have a ride with mates planned soon and if not maybe now is a good time to give them a ring. We could describe these rides many different ways but a great time with mates always has me sold.

Adventure Awaits – Get out there…. be it with heated grips on this time of year in Tasmania!