Hello and welcome to what I hope will become a regular part of my website.  My name is Bruce and I’m the owner of Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours.  For my first blog I thought I’d share some insights into what it is I want to provide to motorcycling tourists in this State.

I am passionate about Tasmania and I absolutely love motorcycling.  Adventure touring (or exploring) by motorcycle is my thing.  I prefer to ride the backroads, the forgotten roads and the bypassed roads rather than the highways.  I ride up unsigned roads just to see what’s there.  Often I am rewarded with a hidden gem that is off the mainstream maps.

It occurred to me on a ride in outback South Australia that I was most probably riding past, and missing, some stunning sights but I had no idea.  I had no local knowledge.  Sure, I had a great ride, but could it have been better? Could I have seen more? Quite possibly.

In starting Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours I had the vision of taking tour participants to the iconic must-see locations around our State and linking those experiences together with world class motorcycling roads.  I have been riding around Tasmania for over 37 years and so I have the ‘local knowledge’ to ensure interstate visitors have the fullest experience possible in their time here.  I want people who join me on a tour to be raving about it for years!  That’s my goal.

I’ve partnered with BMW to supply an initial fleet of 6 brand new bikes.  As you can see from the web site they are available for hire at any time other than when we have guided tours booked.  Luckily, I have access to more bikes if needed, and as demand increases we’ll be adding to our fleet of Beemers.

Keep an eye out for our 2018 Tasmanian Tour dates coming soon.  Obviously, we’ll be providing bikes to participants but if you want to bring your own bike that’s fine with us.

And just on the quiet, I think I’ll start planning another jaunt into outback South Australia to escape the Tassie Winter.

Keep it shiny side up!